FTP Information
Submitting a Personal Website to Dnet
All Dnet customers receive 5 MB of server space for their personal homepage. Below are instructions on submitting a webpage.
1. * Transferring files will require the use of an FTP program. We recommend WS_FTP Limited Edition. You may download it by clicking on the icon below. (At the time this page was created) WS_FPT is free for Personal Use.
Download WS_FTP Limited Edition
2. * After downloading the file, and installing it, double-click on the WS_FTP icon on your desktop. The following screen will appear:
Setup your FTP Program

Enter the "Host Name/Address" of "" (See Note Below) and the "Username" and "Password" that you chose for your Dial-up Access account.

NOTE: When you download this program it is automatically configured to connect to Ipswitch. You will need to go to the "startup" tab in session properties and delete the folder information. You do not need to replace it with anything. If you have your own domain name, you would enter "www.yourdomain.com" in the "Host Name/Address" field.

* When you run this program the white box on the left represents your computer and the white box on the right represents your site on the server. There are two arrows between the boxes. To transfer a file simply highlight the file on the left side (Your computer) and click the arrow pointing to the right side (the server).