Delete or divert spam
How to delete spam or divert spam to a new folder in web-based email

Unsolicited emails are increasing in number and, although Dnet has a built in filter for them, you may still receive some and want to block messages with certain words or phrases in the body or subject. Using Dnet’s web based email service, you can add rules to your email account that will filter out messages that arrive with the words you specify in the subject lines or bodies. First go to our web page at, enter your username and password into the Dnet Login Box, select "email" and then click "login".

This will bring you to the Main Menu page with the Options you see below. Here is where you can set up rules for handling unsolicited mail and have them deleted off our email server or diverted to a spam folder before they reach your computer.

1. From the main menu in Imail you will see a drop down menu with the words, “Account Options…” Click the down arrow to the right of those words and you will see a choice on the menu for, “Filters.” Click on that.

2. In the middle of the screen you will see an “Add” button. Click on that button.
3. You will see this window. Make sure you see the word “Subject” or “Body” next to the Field and that there is a dot next to “contains.” Type the words you would like to block in the space provided. Click the “Add Condition” button.
4. Now you will see your new rule in a small box underneath the box where you typed the rule. Look further down the page and you will see a drop down box that says, “Move the message to this mailbox”. Click the down arrow to the right of this and click on Delete. Now click the Finish button at the bottom. (NOTE: If you would rather move the messages to a SPAM folder instead of deleting them altogether, then you can. Just leave the drop down menu on “Move the message to this mailbox” and then in the destination field type the word “spam”. That will create a SPAM folder in your email account so you can log onto Dnet’s web based email and periodically check the SPAM folder if you think that some legitimate messages may have been sent there.)

This will send all of the emails with the words you specified DIRECTLY TO THE DELETE FOLDER. YOU WILL NEVER SEE ANY OF THESE MESSAGES AGAIN SO BE VERY CAUTIOUS. If you feel that there is a chance you will ever receive a legitimate message that has the words you specified then Dnet recommends you use the method of moving the marked messages to a Spam folder.